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Protect:Restoreautomated system and data back ups to a secure off-site dedicated server.

We encourage everyone to have a rigorous data back up and retrieval plans in place. With this in mind Bow Software have developed Protect:Restore back up software. This software application allows us to schedule a backup of your data and/or system files to a dedicated server housed in a secure data centre. In the event of file corruption (caused by hardware, premises damage or system failure), your files can be restored.

Protect:Restore uses one of the most advanced “delta” algorithms ratified by the open source community. This means that only the sections of files that have changed since the last backup are transmitted, thereby keeping your bandwidth usage to an absolute minimum. Transmissions are secured using AES encryption and stored on a dedicated server that only you and we have access to, using a 1024-bit encryption key.

System and Data Protect:Restore backups packages start from just 50p a day – for pricing and further information please read Protect:Restore packages or for more information send us an enquiry.

Naturally, we will treat your data with the utmost confidentiality. We will never extract or duplicate any of your data without your explicit prior consent (e.g. initial testing/restores) and we ensure absolute ring fencing of your partition so that all our customers' data is isolated.

Is your website database or blog backed up? You may not realise that standard hosting packages often do not back up content and databases within websites.

If your website contains organic and ever-changing data (blog posts, user registrations, news articles) it is highly recommended that you use automated back up software to take regular snapshots. Protect:Restore can automate backups of web files from 35p a day.

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